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Google Listen – A review

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Google ListenI have been looking for an android app that will allow me to listen to podcasts… here comes Google Listen

Today is dedicated to “Google Listen”. As most of you know very well – like all other Google applications – there is no need for a windows/mac client for this as well. It plays back from the cloud/ supports Offline listening(added feature) “Complete Feature List“.

This app is not anywhere nearly popular like other Google apps… I couldn’t locate through the regular browse method…. A simple search showed it as 7th in the list…. a 550KB download … took couple of seconds to finish…. Shows that it was downloaded more than 250k times… An average rating of 4 – not bad considering that its not very popular even with supposedly good features…
Installation of Google Listen was pretty smooth and straightforward and learning how to use it in the process…
Screenshots Below

So now since its installed, lemme launch it… The first run asks me which google account would it want me to use (in this case I only have 1 account) select the account. It does ask permissions as well.

The 4 options under Download Settings makes a lot of sense for podcasts download.

1) Refresh Subscriptions – has multiple options… I choose manually since I need battery – I would have choosen everyday if I was listening to podcasts everyday & If I have many subscriptions..
2) Download new Audio – Not sure what this means…. Looks like if there is text and audio…
3) Only on Wi-Fi – This is the best option I have seen so far on this….. I defenitely donot want getting billed for per MB when I have a great broadband @ Home…
Storage Settings
1) Audio Storage – I choose 10 – since I donot want to keep listened items for long…
2) Clear Cache – Excellent option – to clear out once u’r weekly “listening” is done…

As I said above – I wanted this application only for podcasts – Let me try to add Engadget Podcast to it first… A simple search gave me a list – but nothing close to the latest ones… The latest I saw on the search was podcast number 219 and not 223 which is the latest… Not sure whom to blame… google for not pulling it up or Engadget for not putting them “up” for search… So let me try the other options…. add the rss feed link directly… <B
R> It pulled up the below screen complete with “subscribe”, “queue” & “Mark all…” options – I subscribed to it… I went back and refreshed the page and it pulled the same again – Now since I had listened to all the previous podcasts it didnot make sense to keep the other 2 unread.. So a long press and marked as listened – Good.
After marking Episode 220 & 221 as listened, I did “Add to Queue” on Episode 222. Went back to see whether its being downloaded on wifi connection – and yes its downloading … great…

Here are the list of PODcasts that I listen to regularly:
1) Engadget podcast
2) Engadget Show (pod/video casts – as u want to call it)
3) Windows Weekly
4) this WEEK in GOOGLE

Download “Listen” through QR Code:
Google Listen



Google Maps 5.0 for android

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Seriously – I don’t think I have waited for any other feature more than this on maps… actual use of accelerometer. Unless you have navigation enabled, one cannot use maps properly in “unsupported countries”. I also love the feature of offline caching… This actually helps in times when we travel to a place without cell phone data connectivity (like lot of places in india) – cache the maps when u have wifi connectivity and use the maps with GPS while driving…


N1 back on CM 6.1.1 Stable

In Android,CyanogenMOD on December 23, 2010 by Anup Nair

Ok… so after trying multiple ROM’s; I’m back on CM 6.1.1 Stable…. 7 days and going strong… got all my apps back on…and kinda stable with launcher pro…


Nexus One running RoDrIgUeZsTyLe´s MIUIMOD

In Android,MIUI on October 25, 2010 by Anup Nair

So I decided to flash RoDrIgUeZsTyLe´s MIUIMOD on my Nexus one.. The flash is seriously quick… And it boots really fast… Hmmm… I don’t like the fonts…. I have to see if I can change it… I did install the battery MOD as well… It looks good … I like it.
I have also updated Pershoot´s Kernel’s as well – You can find it Here.

I have to try LCD Density Changer app. Hope that works well… If it does – then this will be my ROM for a long time…


Nexus One Radio Update

In Android,Radio on October 24, 2010 by Anup Nair

While browsing through the XDA N1 forums, I found an update for N1 Radio ( … Have finished downloading the same and am in the process of flashing the same… The disappointing part about Aaron’s 1.9 Recovery is that all ZIP’s will have to be on the SD card root…
I always wonder why don’t people integrate good features of other recovery’s … I’ll leave it to them to decide….

So lemme see how the recovery flashing goes…..

Update: I did flash, It went through without any issues.. The scary part is when the phone restarts and gets stuck with an exclamation screen with no indicator and then restarts… I am going to flash the RoDrIgUeZsTyLe´s MIUIMOD V1.5 FINALFIX – all review I’ve heard of it is just great